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We provide homeowners with a hassle-free and fair transaction, allowing them to unlock the true value of their properties.

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Whether you are behind on your payments, facing foreclosure, filing for bankruptcy, needing repairs, going through a divorce, having an estate sale, or in any other situation, we are in the business of helping people who want or need to sell their mobile home quickly. We offer solutions as soon as possible or patiently as required. We’ll pay a fair price for your mobile home in any condition, and allow you to pick the closing date.

Already received an offer? Let's fight to beat it!

Do you want to know how competitive your current offer is? Reach out to us and we’ll try our best to match or beat your current offer. Quick and simple transactions, an end to bothersome property maintenance and repairs, easy monthly cash flow, huge payoff check, will pay close to retail value, avoid foreclosure, and we can take over your payments.

About Us

 Keys Mobile Homes & Acres is a reputable company dedicated to simplifying the process of selling mobile homes and land. With a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, we specialize in purchasing mobile homes and accompanying acres across various locations. Our mission is to provide homeowners with a hassle-free and fair transaction, allowing them to unlock the true value of their properties. 

Trust The Experts

We provide the best deals and guarantees to buy your land or mobile home from you.

We understand the unique needs and challenges associated with selling mobile homes, and land. We are committed to offering competitive prices and a seamless selling experience.

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Why Choose Us

There are several compelling reasons to choose 3 Keys Mobile Homes & Acres as your trusted partner when it comes to selling your mobile home or land. Firstly, we bring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to the table. Our team understands the nuances of the mobile home market, and real estate allowing us to offer competitive prices and accurate valuations.

Collect In 24 Hours

If you have the title to your home, we can close on your mobile home quickly. We may be able to close the day after an offer is accepted.

Clean Up & Repairs

Why subject yourself to unnecessary stress and expenses by cleaning and making repairs? We can buy your mobile home quickly and effortlessly, without the need for any cleaning or repairs.

No Hidden Fees

When you work with 3 Keys Mobile Homes & Acres, there are no commissions, agency fees, additional expenses, or hidden costs to worry about. We are open and honest about the entire process, and we’ll provide you with a straightforward offer right away.

No Reasons

For any reason, we can help you sell your mobile home, in any situation.

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We can help you if you’re seeking for a fast and fair way to sell your mobile home! Remember, itʼs 100% free to do so – and we donʼt spam

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